Total Body

  • Ballet Body HIIT I

    This workout uses a 20 second work to 10 second rest ratio at the barre. The ballet body exercises include work on the mat, at the barre, and using light hand weights. There is lot of instruction in this video segment so as you learn the exercises, you can move quicker through the exercise and re...

  • HIIT: Cardio Core Movement

    This workout includes core and dynamic total body movements utilizing HIIT work rest ratios to maximize calorie burn and EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption).

  • Long and Lean Mat Work

    This total body workout uses body weight resistance and resistance bands to train the muscles. This workout begins with standing work on the mat and finishes with seated and supine work on the mat. Equipment Needed: yoga mat, pull-up resistance band (2 tension levels if possible), and loop resis...

  • Dance Stretch

    This segment will rejuvenate your muscles and joints with dynamic stretches that include intervals of oscillating movements, static stretches, and rhythmic sequences on the mat. This is the perfect recovery segment!

  • HIIT: Total Body (Body Weight)

    This 30 minute total body workout uses mainly Tabata timing intervals with 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. HIIT workouts boost metabolism, increase calorie burn, promote muscle gain, and improve cardiovascular fitness. This workout is comprised of body weight exercises, so the only equipme...

  • Dancing Mat Work

    This mat workout is like a dance of exercises as the movements flow gracefully through exercises on the mat to work the total body.

  • Total Body Mat Flow II

    This workout was recorded live and leads you through a series of exercises that gracefully flow from one body part focus to the next on the mat. This workout is easy on the wrists with mostly forearm instead of weight on the hands and wrists. Equipment needed: yoga mat and optional knee pad.

  • Iron Barre Yoga Flow I

    This yoga inspired workout flows through strengthening sequences to improve balance, mobility, strength, and flexibility. Equipment required: yoga mat and dumbbells.

  • Eccentric Accentuated Total Body I

    This workout emphasizes the eccentric muscle contraction with exercises that slowly through this muscle lengthening contraction phase. This will cause greater micro trauma within the muscle which will kickstart the muscle rebuilding process. This in turn with increase metabolism, strength gains,...

  • Bodyweight Total Body II-Inner Thigh Focus

    This workout incorporates all the muscle groups with an emphasis on working the inner thigh muscles. This segment utilizes body weight resistance plus two band resisted exercises at the barre. This workout demonstrates one full set. Equipment Needed: gliding discs, yoga mat, bench, and resistan...

  • Warm-Up

    Make sure to warm up before beginning any of the workout segments. You can use this segment or your favorite way to warm up using dynamic movements, increasing range of motion, and bodyweight movements before beginning a workout.

  • Body Weight Total Body I

    This total body workout uses dynamic movement while challenging your strength with body weight exercises. The focus is to engage the total body to perform movement sequences. Equipment Needed: Yoga mat

  • Iron Barre: Total Body Core I

    Brace and engage your core muscles through total body exercises with a combination of body weight and weighted/resistance band movements. Equipment Needed: yoga mat, heavy DB or kettlebell, and resistance loop band.

  • Iron Barre: Total Body IV

    Iron Barre Total Body IV begins with mat work and moves into superset sequences including prisoner squats, band lat pulls, and overhead reverse lunges. This workout demonstrates 2 sets of each sequence. To increase the challenge, perform additional sets before moving to next sequence. Equipment...

  • Iron Barre Total Body III

    This workout combines mat work, barre work, and a combination of traditional resistance training exercises to work the total body. This segment demonstrates one set. Perform 2 or 3 more sets after finishing the entire sequence for more of a challenge.

  • Iron Barre: Total Body II

    This total body workout incorporates exercises to target the back, chest, shoulders, quads, glutes, and hamstrings with a combination of body weight movements and weighted exercises. This segment demonstrates 2 complete sets of each sequence with a recommendation of increasing the sets to 3 or 4...

  • Iron Barre: Total Body I

    Challenge the upper and lower body with combined weighted exercises at the barre. Iron Barre Select Lower Body Rx approved.

  • Iron Barre: Matwork + Weights I

    Alternate between weighted exercises and body weight mat exercises to work the upper body. This video demonstrates one full set for this workout. Repeat 2-3x to get a complete workout.

  • Iron Barre: Total Body V

    This total body workout includes plies, lateral split squats, RDL's, shoulder raises, and banded glute work on the mat. One set is demonstrated in this video. Equipment Needed: dumbbells (moderate weight), barbell (sub dumbbells), resistance band, and yoga mat.

  • Total Body Cardio Sculpt I

    This rhythmic workout will elevate the heart rate, burn calories, and help sculpt the total body with light weights, dance movement, and resistance exercises. This segment can also be used as a warm up. Equipment needed: light hand weights

  • Total Body Sculpt

    This is a great workout if you are short on time and want a total body workout. The movements in this segment may combine upper and lower body together or alternate body parts to train the total body. Equipment needed: 25 lb weight plate, dumbbells (heavy and moderate set), and foam mat and/or ...

  • Total Body Workout: Barre + Resistance Band

    This workout will target the total body with exercises performed at the barre utilizing a resistance band. The exercises in this segment combine lower and upper body movements simultaneously with two sets performed for each sequence. Equipment Needed: barre and resistance band

  • Mat Work: Yoga Block

    This mat workout utilizes yoga blocks to perform movements through exploring a greater range of motion and assisting in exercises to challenge the upper body and core muscles. Equipment needed: yoga mat and two foam blocks (you can perform workout without blocks).

  • Yoga Recovery II

    This segment will help the muscles and joints recover with yoga exercises and stretches that will rejuvenate your body and mind.