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  • Therapeutic Movement and Exercise System

    10 videos  |   Buy $39.99

    Featuring the only, at-home, complete fitness and mobility training program designed specifically for Bariatric patients, candidates, and those fighting obesity that limits daily movement and life. This 4 month training system offers 9 workouts plus a training guide to get the best results with t...

  • Ballet Body Signature Bundle: Volumes 1-4 + Guide

    12 videos  |   Buy $39.99

    This digital bundle includes all four volumes of the Ballet Body Signature Series including Total Body, Lower Body, Upper Body, and Core. Use the 16 week workout guide included to help you achieve the best results with these Ballet Body workouts. You can perform these workouts in the privacy of ...

  • Ballet Body Signature Series: Upper Body

    1 video  |   Buy $9.99

    Strengthen, sculpt, and define your upper body with this dynamic, results-oriented workout. Start with mat exercises for the arms and core, then grab a pair of light hand weights for some dance-inspired movements. You'll improve your muscle definition, posture, and strength. It's the ultimate wor...

  • Ballet Body Signature Series: Core

    1 video  |   Buy $9.99

    Lose inches while building lean muscles with movements inspired by ballet, dance, Pilates, and yoga. Ballet Body by Leah Sarago integrates traditional body-weight resistance exercises with muscle-elongating techniques to achieve a long and lean physique. Suitable for all fitness levels, these wor...