Lower Body

  • Barre-Shift

    You will be shifting your weight bilaterally and unilaterally at the barre in this workout. This workout demonstrates how just a slight change weight placement and emphasis can exponentially challenge the targeted muscle. Equipment needed: barre and foam mat under feet (optional). This workout de...

  • Chair-Barre: Lower and Core

    This workout adds the fun element of integrating a chair at the barre for adding new heights and variations to barre exercises to challenge the lower body and core. Equipment needed: pull away barre or doorway frame and chair. One round demonstrated in this video.

  • Iron Barre 531

    This 5-3-1 workout will accentuate the eccentric portion of the exercise when the muscle is lengthening followed by an isometric contraction before a quick 1 second concentric contraction. Using this simple time variation and manipulating the eccentric, concentric, and isometric contraction will ...

  • Barre: Booty Thigh Workout

    Work your booty and thighs with alternating band-resisted, thigh focused and glute focused exercises at the barre.

  • Iron Barre: HIIT Lower Body

    This workout uses HIIT (high intensity interval training) protocols for training the lower body. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, which refers to the short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. HIIT can burn a lot of calories in a short amou...

  • Barre Work: Lower Body VIII (ball)

    This bodyweight workout at the barre includes the use of a playground ball to increase resistance and muscular tension on the working muscles. Equipment needed: barre /sturdy couch back and a playground ball

  • 6 Phase Lower Body Dynamic Warm-Up

    This dynamic, injury-prevention warm-up perfectly primes the muscles for lower body workouts. This video is longer than the warm-up because it is instructional. To shorten the warm-up, you can follow the list of exercises from the end of the video and move at your own pace. Equipment needed: foam...

  • Fold-Over II

    This barre workout flows from simple fold-over movements before including the additional resistance of a band and playground ball.

  • Iron Barre: Lower Body VIII

    The exercises in this segment are performed with music at the barre using the extra resistance of one weight (kettle bell, dumb bell, or weight plate). Slim and sculpt your lower body with these Iron Barre exercises!

  • Iron Barre: Step Series I

    Work your lower body with incorporated therapeutic exercises on the step plus movements that will challenge your lunges and plies with a greater range of motion. This segment presents one set of each sequence.

  • Iron Barre Glutes IV

    This glute focused workout starts at the barre and moves through five sequences for three full sets. This is a great addition to a lower body workout day or as an additional glute workout to help firm and shape the booty. Equipment Needed: bench, barre, heavy dumbbell/weight, mat, and mini band.

  • Barre with Resistance band: Lower Body I

    This lower body workout Is performed at the barre using a loop band for resistance. Exercises will mainly target the quadriceps and glutes/hips. Equipment needed: loop resistance band (2 types of resistance levels), barre, and foam mat.

  • Iron Barre: Rock the Hips

    This workout involves lateral movement with the hips while training with resistance including barbell weighted plies, dumbbell lunges, and weighted parallel plies. Equipment Needed: barbell (or sub dumbbells), dumbbells, and a barre.

  • Iron Barre: Lower Body IV

    This is a classic Iron Barre workout where we use the barre for body weight exercises and then combine the same movements with weights to sculpt and strengthen the lower body. This workout demonstrates one full sequence which may be repeated.

  • Free Workout: Iron Barre Lower Body

  • Iron Barre: Lower Body III

    This workout explores performing exercises in a greater range of motion utilizing weights and steps before moving into barre and mat exercises.

  • Iron Barre: Lower Body II

    This segment begins with weighted pliƩ variations and a barre-bench assisted pistol squat before moving into more ballet body inspired movements to work the lower body. Equipment Needed: bench, barre, and heavier dumbbell or kettlebell.

  • BW Lower/Core Workout I

    This body weight workout targets the lower body and core with exercises performed on a step.

  • Iron Barre Glutes I

    Perform classic glute building exercises including weighted shoulder elevated hip thrusts, Bulgarian split squats, and exercises at the barre to hit the glute muscles in multiple planes of movement.

  • Iron Barre: Lower Body I

    Work the lower body with weights at the barre and traditional strength exercises to help sculpt the lower body. You can use a barbell with plates (recommended) or use dumbbells/kettlebells to add resistance.

  • Iron Barre: Lower Body + Core I

    This workout combines weighted lower body exercises plus intervals of core and bodyweight movements at the barre to help sculpt and strengthen the lower body and core.

  • Iron Barre: Back of the Legs I

    This workout targets back of the leg including the glutes, hamstrings, and calves with body weight and weighted exercises at the barre. Equipment Needed: barre, heavy weight, and chair seat or bench.

  • Barre Work- Lower Body I

    This bodyweight workout at the barre will work the legs with banded plie releve exercises and plie-lunge combinations.

  • Iron Barre Glutes III

    This glute workout starts off with heavy deadlifting before moving into body weight glute exercises.