Upper Body

  • Iron Barre Upper Body IV

    This workout flows in sequences for the back & chest, shoulders, and triceps & biceps. Sequences are repeated in this segment for 2 sets with option to increase the number of sets before moving to the next sequence. Equipment Needed: heavy and light set of dumbbells, yoga mat, and resistance ba...

  • Essentials: Upper Body I

    This circuit style workout provides superset sequences with essential strength training exercises including rows, pushups, curls, presses, and dips. Make sure to complete all sets for each sequence depending on fitness goal/level. Leah demonstrates one set for each sequence. Equipment Needed: be...

  • Rotational Movement: Upper Body + Core I

    This upper body workout incorporates rotational movement to challenge the upper body and core muscles with body weight and and weighted exercises.

  • Pull Up Strong Series I: Pull Up Bar

    This workout consists of three exercises to strengthen your grip and upper body to help facilitate the ultimate upper body exercise- the pull up. You will need a pull up bar for this workout and set up for an inverted row either using a squat rack or lowering a doorway pull up bar.

  • Pull Up Strong Series I: Mat Work and Weights

    Perform this series of key exercises to help strengthen the upper body and core to assist in performing pull ups. If combining with Pull Up Strong Series I: Pull-Up Bar, perform this second. Equipment needed: bench, two chairs, resistance band, light-moderate weights, and yoga mat.

  • Iron Barre: Upper Body 1

    Perform intervals of upper body body weight exercises, weights, and resistance band movements to strengthen the upper body.

  • Upper Body: Tricep 1

    This workout targets the triceps with alternating body weight exercises on the mat and isolated movements that will challenge the triceps with barely any weight at all.

  • Iron Barre Upper Body II

    Explore some more advanced mat work with alternating upper body strength exercises in this workout targeting back, shoulders, and core. Modifications are offered for the mat exercises, so all levels welcome!

  • Iron Barre Upper Body III

    Work your upper body and core with a combination of body weight and weighted exercises. This workout includes 3 set exercise sequences focusing on back, shoulders, triceps, and core with very little rest in between exercises. Equipment Needed: Yoga mat, lighter set of dumbbells (5-10 lbs.) and h...

  • Mat Work: Foam/Yoga Block

    This mat workout utilizes yoga blocks to perform movements through exploring a greater range of motion and assisting in exercises to challenge the upper body and core muscles. Equipment needed: yoga mat and two foam blocks (you can perform workout without blocks).

  • Upper Body Circuit I

    This express circuit moves non-stop from one exercise to the next to train the upper body. Complete three sets with one minute rest after completing all five exercises. Equipment Needed: Cable pull down or resistance band set up for single arm lat pull down, bench and heavy dumbbells, resistance...

  • Band-Resisted Mat Work

    This upper body and core workout uses a loop and flat resistance band to create extra resistance through bodyweight exercises on the mat.

  • Iron Barre Upper Body V

    Barbells on the mat! This workout fluidly moves from one exercise to the next on the mat working the upper body muscles. Three sets are demonstrated for this workout. Equipment needed: barbell + weights, yoga mat, and tennis size ball.