Total Body

  • Yoga Recovery I

    This yoga sequence supports opening the hips, hamstrings, and low back with specific poses that help increase mobility, flexibility, and support muscle recovery.

  • Iron Barre: Total Body Mat

    This is a total body workout with emphasis on working the thighs with kneeling squat exercises. This workout flows from one exercise to the next on the mat. Equipment Needed: yoga mat, foam/knee pad, one heavy weight, and a set of moderate weight dumbbells.

  • Total Body Circuit I

    This is a continuous workout to keep your heart rate up while strengthening and sculpting your muscles. This circuit moves from one exercise to the next alternating between upper body and lower body exercises. This workout will lead you through the first circuit set. Equipment Needed: barbell/s...

  • Iron Barre: Total Body VI

    This total body workout leads you through three sets of two sequences with multiple exercises alternating between lower and upper body with core stabilization. Equipment Needed: moderate/heavy dumbbell, yoga mat, and barre.

  • Iron Barre: Total Body VII

    This workout offers exercises on the mat, at the barre, and weighted exercises to work the total body. Equipment Needed: yoga mat, heavy and light dumbbells, barre, weight plates or 2 inch platform for heel raised goblet squats.

  • Iron Barre Select: Lower Body Rx I

    This total body circuit uses heavier resistance for the upper body with bodyweight, muscle lengthening exercises for the lower body. Equipment needed: pull up assistance type resistance band, heavier set of dumbbells, bench, and barre.

  • Mat Work: Glutes, Hamstrings, and Core

    This mat workout incorporates the use of a resistance band, foam block, and sliding disc with exercises designed to train the core, hamstrings, and glutes with graceful movements inspired by pilates and dance.

  • Iron Barre Select Upper Body Rx I

    This total body workout focuses on training the lower body with heavier resistance, while training the upper body with body weight resistance only. Equipment Needed: bench, heavy dumbbells, and resistance band.

  • Dancing at the Barre II

    This upbeat, fun workout uses rhythmic exercises at the barre to sculpt the total body and get cardiovascular benefits at the same time.

  • Total Body with Resistance Band I

    This total body workout emphasizes the upper body and core with resisted arm movements and stability exercises with the band.

  • Mat Work: Posterior Chain I

    This workout will strengthen the posterior chain muscles with exercises that will target the hamstrings, glutes, postural muscles, and core. This is an excellent segment to compliment an anterior focused core workout (rectus abdominus, transversus abdominus, and obliques).

  • Total Body Mat Flow I

    This bodyweight workout will challenge all of the muscle groups with a fluid sequencing of exercises on the mat. Leah demonstrates one set and recommends to repeat 2-3x through. All you need is to be barefoot on the mat for this workout!

  • Iron Barre Select: Upper Body Rx IV

    This Iron Barre Select workout trains the lower body with heavier resistance and offers body weight/lighter resistance type exercises for the upper body. Equipment Needed: yoga mat, barre, heavy dumbbell, light hand weights, and pull up bar.

  • Cardio Core I

    This aerobic type workout utilizes dynamic movements and core bracing to provide a cardiovascular and core tightening workout all in one. One round is demonstrated in this workout. You can repeat 2-3x for longer workout or pair with other workout segments.

  • Total Body with Resistance Band II

    This workout uses a varying levels of resistance bands to work the total body with exercises that flow from standing to floor work. Equipment Needed: resistance bands/pull-up assistance bands and a mat.

  • Iron Barre: Total Body VIII

    This Iron Barre workout targets the total body with exercises at the barre and mat utilizing the additional resistance of weights. This workout demonstrates one set with instruction before each exercise. The total workout time to complete 3 sets of each exercise will be under 45 minutes once the ...