• Post-Natal Core Series I

    This core segment can help with recovery from c-sections, childbirth, diastasis recti, post abdominal surgery, or weak core muscles. The exercises in this segment slowly progress to help you safely improve core strength through bracing and movements to strengthen the deep core muscles. Equipment ...

  • Core Training: Vacuum Abs + Ab Tightners

    This workout is a must for a trimmer waistline! The vacuum ab exercises in this workout are especially helpful for tightening the deep core muscles and engaging a strong naval to core connection.

  • Pilates Matwork with Mini Band

    This Pilates style mat workout uses the assistance of a mini/loop resistance to help improve form and modify advanced movements while also adding extra resistance. This segment begins with the one hundred exercise and moves through a series of core strengthening exercise on the back before moving...

  • Mat Work: Glutes, Hamstrings, and Core

    This mat workout incorporates the use of a resistance band, foam block, and sliding disc with exercises designed to train the core, hamstrings, and glutes with graceful movements inspired by pilates and dance.

  • Core + More I (Inner Thighs and Hips)

    Train your core muscles by simultaneously targeting the inner thighs and hips with resisted movements that challenge stabilization and strength. This segment on the mat will increase your core activation, strength, and control, while firming the glutes, hips, inner thighs, and abs. Equipment Nee...

  • Band-Resisted Mat Work

    This upper body and core workout uses a loop and flat resistance band to create extra resistance through bodyweight exercises on the mat.

  • Core Work on the Mat I

    This workout starts out with RKC plank and moves into flow of exercises on the mat to train the core musculature with pilates and dance inspired moves while bracing the core.

  • Barre-Assisted Core I

    This deep muscle-bracing core workout uses the assistance of the barre to perform exercises on the bench.

  • Strengthen and Stretch: Core I

    This segment incorporates core strengthening exercises and stretching to activate a stronger core while improving flexibility. This is a wonderful finishing segment to any workout.

  • Iron Barre: Total Body Core I

    Brace and engage your core muscles through total body exercises with a combination of body weight and weighted/resistance band movements. Equipment Needed: yoga mat, heavy DB or kettlebell, and resistance loop band.

  • Iron Barre: Core 1

    Strengthen the core muscles incorporating resistance of a weight plate/dumbbell. The workout begins with bodyweight exercises to tighten the core like a corset then finish with exercises laying on your back utilizing extra resistance. Crunch-free workout.

  • BW Lower/Core Workout I

    This body weight workout targets the lower body and core with exercises performed on a step.

  • Core Bracing + Turkish Get Ups

    This two part core workout begins with core bracing exercises to strengthen the deep core muscles without any neck strain or crunches. This workout is excellent for beginners while also being extremely beneficial for advanced exercisers. This workout is especially helpful if you have a hard tim...

  • Iron Barre: Lower Body + Core I

    This workout combines weighted lower body exercises plus intervals of core and bodyweight movements at the barre to help sculpt and strengthen the lower body and core.

  • Core with Upper Body Integration

    This workout integrates upper body and postural activation with core work using a a broomstick or similar apparatus.

  • Mat Work: Yoga Block

    This mat workout utilizes yoga blocks to perform movements through exploring a greater range of motion and assisting in exercises to challenge the upper body and core muscles. Equipment needed: yoga mat and two foam blocks (you can perform workout without blocks).

  • Mat Work: Posterior Chain I

    This workout will strengthen the posterior chain muscles with exercises that will target the hamstrings, glutes, postural muscles, and core. This is an excellent segment to compliment an anterior focused core workout (rectus abdominus, transversus abdominus, and obliques).

  • Core Bar

    This core workout will help you move through core exercises with more control while focusing on core bracing at the same time. The assistance of the bar will also allow strength modifications while improving range of motion. A broomstick between two sturdy chairs/couch or a tension pull up bar i...

  • Rotational Movement: Upper Body + Core I

    This upper body workout incorporates rotational movement to challenge the upper body and core muscles with body weight and and weighted exercises.

  • Cardio Core I

    This aerobic type workout utilizes dynamic movements and core bracing to provide a cardiovascular and core tightening workout all in one. One round is demonstrated in this workout. You can repeat 2-3x for longer workout or pair with other workout segments.

  • Core + Glutes Finisher I

    The finisher workout series is a perfect way to end your workouts. The muscle-burning exercises in Core and Glutes I are performed supine (on your back) and choreographed to music to help you push through and focus your attention on the glutes and core. These workouts should be performed after y...

  • Core Work on the Mat II

    Work your core with pilates and dance inspired exercises on the mat.