Ballet Body Workouts

Ballet Body Workouts

139 Episodes

This is the entire Ballet Body library of workouts. These dance-ballet-barre inspired workouts are mainly performed with bodyweight resistance and/or light dumbbells 2-5 lbs. and resistance bands. Leah is working on re-filming some of these workouts since many of the workouts were originally compressed for mobile devices between 2011-2014. Due to the small video file size, the quality does not meet the higher resolution of recently published videos.

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Ballet Body Workouts
  • Fast Slow Upper Body Mat I

    Episode 1

    This workout targets the upper body and core on the mat by using intense muscle control to perform varying fast and slow movement sequences while performing planks, downward facing dog variations, pushups, and dips.

  • Glute work on the Mat: I

    Episode 2

    This segment is dedicated to working your backside with continuous movement and holds in quadruped position on the mat.

  • Variations in Down Dog

    Episode 3

    Work your upper body in variations of down-dog pushups, down-dog to plank variations, and dolphin pose to target the back and shoulders.

  • Rock the Hips

    Episode 4

    Rock the hips to longer and leaner looking muscles. This segment focuses on stretching and contracting the muscles simultaneously to lengthen the thigh muscles through tucks or “rocking” the hips while isometrically holding barre squats, plies, and parallel positions for a sure muscle burn!

  • Plié Lunge II

    Episode 5

    The Basics II series offers progression to the next level from Basics I with foundational strengthening exercises integral to Ballet Body training.

  • Yoga Fusion Flow I: Lower Body

    Episode 6

    Enjoy the serene background set on the dock overlooking the water. Flow through this yoga fusion workout that targets the lower body with chair pose in turn out and parallel releve balance, movements and twists in high cresent lunges, and bridge work on the mat.

  • Abdominal Tucks Planks Pushups and Holds

    Episode 7

    This workout is perfect if you are pressed for time and need to work upper body and core at the same time. Your upper body will work hard to stabilize the abdominal tucks during shoulder retraction/protraction, isometrics, push-ups, and holds, while your abs will feel twice the amount of work wit...

  • Barre Squat I

    Episode 8

    This short lower body workout will work the thighs and glutes fast exploring a wide range of motion as you move your hips down to the floor in deep barre squat variations.

  • Abs: Bend Release Stretch

    Episode 9

    This workout perfectly combines core and flexibility work to activate the abdominal muscles while lengthening the hamstrings. Increase your mind-muscle connection by focusing on increasing the contraction of the abdominals to achieve greater length in the back of the legs.

  • Ballet Body Core I

    Episode 10

    This Ballet Body ab workout is simple, fast, and effective to help tighten and tone the mid-section with exercises performed on the mat.

  • Dancing Arms I

    Episode 11

    This segment is part of the dancing series working the shoulders and triceps with fluidity, movement, and flow

  • Développé Inspired Series II: Upper/Core/Lower

    Episode 12

    Perform side planks, bridge, and side lying series while developing the legs into full extensions in this series that challenges total body strength, balance, and control.

  • PNF Stretching: Lower Body

    Episode 13

    This segment increases flexibility with Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) techniques which may offer a superior mode of stretching because it facilitates muscular inhibition. Perform hold-relax techniques in this segment by pre-stretching a tight muscle for 10 seconds. Following, th...

  • Glissade Inspired Series I: Lower Body

    Episode 14

    Glide your way to elongated, sculpted thighs. This segment does not teach a true ballet glissade, so no ballet experience required! This workout offers gliding movements in plié, parallel, and fold-over positions.

  • Glutes on the Mat II

    Episode 15

    This workout alternates work in parallel and turnout with leg extensions and folding the leg in half to work not only the glutes but the outer hips and hamstrings. This segment is the perfect compliment to standing lower body work and should be combined with other segments to maximize the work in...

  • Plie Parallel Lift and Lengthen I

    Episode 16

    Lower, lift, and lengthen with this lower body workout targeting the thighs, calves and hamstrings at the barre.

  • Glissade Inspired Series II: Upper/Core

    Episode 17

    This segment offers variations of planks, dolphin pose, push-ups, and core work on the mat using gliding movement across the floor to offer a unique challenge to sculpt the upper body and core.

  • Bridge at the Wall I

    Episode 18

    Work the hamstrings and glutes with this non-stop workout performing lifts, tucks, and tilts with the hips while pressing the feet into the wall for resistance in bridge position.

  • Supine Assisted Stretching: Hips and Hamstrings

    Episode 19

    Relax on your back and move through a series of stretches that lengthen the hamstrings, release tension in the hips, and increase hip range of motion using the assistance of a yoga strap. Releasing muscle tightness and tension while stretching the hamstrings and hips in this segment will help red...

  • Ab tightener I

    Episode 20

    This is a crunch-free workout to tighten and pull in the abdominal wall like corset by working the Transverse Abdominis.

  • Weights at the Barre I

    Episode 21

    Combine weighted arm work at the barre to sculpt the upper body while performing lower body barre exercises at the same time. This workout is a great way to fit in exercise on a busy day.

  • Bridge Sequence II

    Episode 22

    This workout explores tucks and pelvic tilts in various bridge positions in addition to varied movements. This bridge workout is a great addition to any lower body workout to target the glutes, hamstrings, inner thighs, and quadriceps. Level: All Levels Length: 15:34

  • CardioArms1
    Episode 23


    Episode 23

  • Accent de Trois I

    Episode 24

    This 3 count segment focus transitions from plies and parallel to diagonal fold-over. Work from higher to lower levels in thigh work while sitting back deeper and further from the barre in glute work all within segments of three.