6 Seasons

Follow this 6 month periodized training program based on principles of progression, adaptation, and overload to get the best results using the Ballet Body workouts. This system uses over 75 workouts to help you achieve the "Ballet Body" inspired physique.

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  • Abs: Oblique Focus

    Episode 1

    Work your core and focus on the obliques with ballet and pilates-inspired movements that offer a variety of angles to challenge the internal and external obliques on the mat.

  • Abs: Circle Arms1

    Episode 2

    This ab-focused segment will tighten the abdominal wall and create definition with abdominal crunches and curls while performing circular arm movements and alternating leg lifts to engage your entire core.

  • Ab Tightner II: Pendulum Movement

    Episode 3

    A must have workout post pregnancy to help tighten the abdominal muscles. This ab workout just like the first requires a great deal of attention to form with the mind-muscle connection of pulling the naval in towards the spine and using the core to perform and control the pendulum movements.

  • Bridge Sequence II

    Episode 4

    This workout explores tucks and pelvic tilts in various bridge positions in addition to varied movements. This bridge workout is a great addition to any lower body workout to target the glutes, hamstrings, inner thighs, and quadriceps.

  • Chest+ Core

    Episode 5

  • High Low Levels at the Barre

    Episode 6

    This lower body segment alternates working the glutes and thighs in sequences of high to low positions in fold-over, sitbacks, relevé barre squats, and parallel.

  • Lunges in Parallel

    Episode 7

    This workout targets various angles in parallel-lunge position at the barre to sculpt and shape the lower body effectively while protecting the knees.

  • Plank with Leg Isolations I

    Episode 8

    This workout challenges the entire body as you hold various plank positions for 12 minutes while performing leg isolations to challenge the the core, upper body, hamstrings, glutes, and hips at the same time.

  • Rond de Jambe Inspired Series I

    Episode 9

    This ballet-inspired lower body workout is full of half circle variations in parallel and turn out positions before finishing the workout in relevé. A great thigh focus segment to build strength and control while sculpting beautiful thighs!

  • Side Lunges and Plies II

    Episode 10

    Explore more variations in side lunges and pliés in this second series to sculpt the legs with a special focus on inner thighs.

  • Sitbacks and Tucks

    Episode 11

    This lower body workout flows alternates from deep glute work in barre squats and plié squats to transitioning into the stretch-contract tuck postion to work the quadriceps at the barre.

  • Variations in Pretzel II

    Episode 12

    Set your glutes, hips, and hamstrings on fire with this second series that offers more variations in pretzel to isolate your lower body with exercises that require a strong mind-muscle connection to attain proper form to get optimal results!

  • Fold-Over I
    Episode 13

    Fold-Over I

    Episode 13

    Give your glutes 100 % of your attention with this non-stop segment performing leg lifts, variations in fold-over, and fold-over tucks at the barre.