6 Seasons

Follow this 6 month periodized training program based on principles of progression, adaptation, and overload to get the best results using the Ballet Body workouts. This system uses over 75 workouts to help you achieve the "Ballet Body" inspired physique.

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  • Abs_Standing II

    Episode 1

    This workout will elevate the heart rate with dynamic movements while isolating the core with balance work, twists, knee lifts, and leg extensions. Challenge your core with this crunch-free workout!

  • Abs: At the Wall II

    Episode 2

    All variations are performed in parallel with intervals of rotational movements to work the entire core. Abs: At the wall II differs from Abs: At the Wall I by facing away from the wall and using the wall to support the back versus the feet in Abs: At the Wall I.

  • Accent de Trois II

    Episode 3

    This workout combines plie squats, sit backs, and fold over exercises complimented with a new accent of three movement sequence to challenge the lower body.

  • Abs: Fast Slow I

    Episode 4

    Tighten and sculpt your abs with this segment that alternates controlled slow movement with fast, quick pulses performing traditional and pilates-inspired exercises to challenge the core on the mat.

  • Cardio Arms II- Warm Up

    Episode 5

    This segment is an intro to Cardio Arms II to learn the movement sequences while warming up the body, but a great warm-up for any Ballet Body segment.

  • Cardio Arms II

    Episode 6

    The combination of cardio movements with upper body weighted exercises will burn more calories in less time while sculpting the upper body in this segment. Warm-Up I can be performed first with this segment to learn movement sequences while elevating the heart rate. This workout also offers low-i...

  • Lunges in Turn Out

    Episode 7

    This workout targets the legs with variations of cresent lunges in turn out, lunges with attitude lifts, lunges to passé, flatback lunges, and holds

  • Side Plank I

    Episode 8

    This segment targets the obliques, core, lats (sides of back), and shoulders while challenging your strength and balance in variations of side planks. Learn to build upon modifications to perform full leg extensions while working from modified forearm to extended arm side plank holds and movements.

  • Tricep Bicep- Resistance Band

    Episode 9

    This workout is all about elongation with alternating the contraction and stretch of the biceps and triceps. The exercises in this segment will exhaust these opposing muscles with challenging exercises in various angles of resistance.

  • Upper Body Mat and Weights I

    Episode 10

    This workout is a great way to add a greater challenge to basic mat work by combining light dumbbells with plank variations for an upper body workout that requires stability work in the core.

  • Variations in Ballet Chair & Leg Extensions

    Episode 11

    This ballet-inspired lower body workout gracefully flows from isometric holds into one-legged plie sit backs and leg extensions at the barre to lengthen and strengthen the lower body.

  • Yoga Fusion Flow II: Lower Body

    Episode 12

    This yoga fusion series works the lower body on the mat through a continuous flow of yoga-inspired sequences of high cresent lunges and warrior II/III with ballet-inspired relevé chair and parallel sequences set in the peaceful background on the water.