Watch this video and more on Leah Sarago Fitness

Watch this video and more on Leah Sarago Fitness

Tricep Bicep- Resistance Band


Up Next in General Strength II

  • Upper Body Mat and Weights I

    This workout is a great way to add a greater challenge to basic mat work by combining light dumbbells with plank variations for an upper body workout that requires stability work in the core.

  • Variations in Ballet Chair & Leg Exte...

    This ballet-inspired lower body workout gracefully flows from isometric holds into one-legged plie sit backs and leg extensions at the barre to lengthen and strengthen the lower body.

  • Yoga Fusion Flow II: Lower Body

    This yoga fusion series works the lower body on the mat through a continuous flow of yoga-inspired sequences of high cresent lunges and warrior II/III with ballet-inspired relevé chair and parallel sequences set in the peaceful background on the water.