6 Seasons

Follow this 6 month periodized training program based on principles of progression, adaptation, and overload to get the best results using the Ballet Body workouts. This system uses over 75 workouts to help you achieve the "Ballet Body" inspired physique.

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  • Ab Tightner II: Pendulum Movement

    Episode 1

    A must have workout post pregnancy to help tighten the abdominal muscles. This ab workout just like the first requires a great deal of attention to form with the mind-muscle connection of pulling the naval in towards the spine and using the core to perform and control the pendulum movements.

  • Back of the Arm: Triceps I

    Episode 2

    Work your three-headed Triceps brachii with various angles in this workout. This workout combats flabby arms!

  • Back of the Leg II

    Episode 3

    Sculpt and stretch the back of the legs with the 2nd workout in the Back of the Leg series. This segment focuses on exercises that properly sculpt the hamstrings with alternating (lengthening) eccentric and (shortening) concentric contractions at the barre. This segment also utilizes the stretch-...

  • Crossovers/Diagnol Foldover: Outer Hips

    Episode 4

    This segment includes a series of crossovers, diagonal foldover variations, lunges, and side leg lifts at the barre to target the outer hips and glutes.

  • Dancing Abs I

    Episode 5

    This workout explores graceful movement and fluidity with abdominal work to challenge, strengthen, and tighten the core.

  • Foldover Inward-Facing

    Episode 6

    This workout offers a variation of inward facing leg movements while articulating the hips from turn-out to working beyond parallel targeting deep into the gluteal muscles to lift and shape the seat.

  • Kneeling Thigh Work

    Episode 7

    This segment begins with standing work as an alternative to the kneeling portion. This segment combines tucks, kneeling work in side lunges, parallel, and turn out plus a few other thigh focused exercises for a 24 minute workout.

  • Leg/Hip Isolations II

    Episode 8

    Sweeping leg lifts, extensions, semi-circles in various angles in diagonal, parallel, and turn out. This “bulk-free” thigh work will sculpt the thighs, strengthen the hips, and increase range of motion. Try to challenge your legs with increasing range of motion, precision to form, and mind body f...

  • Long Lean Arms II

    Episode 9

    This workout uses a movement focus in various angles to challenge and sculpt the arms and shoulders.

  • Plyometrics + Isometrics I

    Episode 10

    This tough ballet-inspired workout challenges your body, elevates your heart rate, burns calories, and sculpts long, lean muscles with alternating holds in plie, parallel, and squat positions with plyometric jumps. All LEVELS welcome with plie + releve modifications for all exercises.

  • Shoulder Scoop I

    Episode 11

    Work your shoulders in a series of unique variations of exercises performed with the arms in the shape of a scooping movement with the elbows slightly bent to sculpt the front, lateral, and rear deltoids.

  • Yoga Fusion Flow III: Upper and Core

    Episode 12

    This workout incorporates a series of balance challenges and movement flow on the mat to work the core and upper body.