December 2018

December 2018

5 Episodes

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December 2018
  • Iron Barre Upper Body IV

    Episode 1

    This workout flows in sequences for the back & chest, shoulders, and triceps & biceps. Sequences are repeated in this segment for 2 sets with option to increase the number of sets before moving to the next sequence. Equipment Needed: heavy and light set of dumbbells, yoga mat, and resistance ba...

  • Iron Barre Glutes III

    Episode 2

    This glute workout starts off with heavy deadlifting before moving into body weight glute exercises.

  • Barre Work- Lower Body I

    Episode 3

    This bodyweight workout at the barre will work the legs with banded plie releve exercises and plie-lunge combinations.

  • Core with Upper Body Integration

    Episode 4

    This workout integrates upper body and postural activation with core work using a a broomstick or similar apparatus.

  • Iron Barre: Total Body V

    Episode 5

    This total body workout includes plies, lateral split squats, RDL's, shoulder raises, and banded glute work on the mat. One set is demonstrated in this video. Equipment Needed: dumbbells (moderate weight), barbell (sub dumbbells), resistance band, and yoga mat.