Watch this video and more on Leah Sarago Fitness

Watch this video and more on Leah Sarago Fitness

Abs: Standing III with Leg Extensions


Up Next in Ballet Body Workouts

  • Leg Hip Isolations III

    This workout is all about control, lift, and lengthening to sculpt elongated thigh muscles and strengthen the hips. Like all of the leg/hip isolation segments, continued practice will increase your leg lift height and range of motion.

  • Iron Barre Total Body III

    This workout combines mat work, barre work, and a combination of traditional resistance training exercises to work the total body. This segment demonstrates one set. Perform 2 or 3 more sets after finishing the entire sequence for more of a challenge.

  • Shoulder Scoop II

    Train your front, lateral, and rear deltoids with this segment that uses a scooping motion of the arm with a slight bend in the elbow to work the shoulders in various angles.