4 Seasons

Follow this 3 month periodized training program based on principles of progression, adaptation, and overload to get the best results using the Ballet Body workouts. This training system utilizes 50 workouts available with subscription, however, part of this program incorporates the Ballet Body Signature Series on DVD (not included with subscription). It is recommend to start this 3 month training program after finishing BBTS I.

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  • Abs: Standing III with Leg Extensions

    Episode 1

    Increase the strength and height of your leg extensions while targeting the core with these abdominal tightening standing exercises. This dance and pilates inspired workout offers fluid yet controlled movements to strengthen the thighs/hips and tighten the mid-section.

  • Ballet Body Step Sculpt I

    Episode 2

    This workout incorporates the use of the step at the barre to target the glutes by increasing the range of motion in sitbacks while facilitating proper alignment and support for exercises including flat back lunge-lifts and low lunge-squat sequences. Challenge your muscles with this segment that ...

  • Shoulder Scoop II

    Episode 3

    Train your front, lateral, and rear deltoids with this segment that uses a scooping motion of the arm with a slight bend in the elbow to work the shoulders in various angles.

  • Supine Assisted Stretching: Hips and Hamstrings

    Episode 4

    Relax on your back and move through a series of stretches that lengthen the hamstrings, release tension in the hips, and increase hip range of motion using the assistance of a yoga strap. Releasing muscle tightness and tension while stretching the hamstrings and hips in this segment will help red...

  • Abs: Tighten and Twist I

    Episode 5

    This short 11 minute workout will tighten the abs while focusing on the obliques. Feel the work wrap around your core with twists while you pull your naval to the spine on the mat.