Watch this video and more on Leah Sarago Fitness

Watch this video and more on Leah Sarago Fitness

Variations in Down Dog


Up Next in Base Conditioning II

  • Basic Series II: Plié and Parallel Th...

    The Basics II series offers progression to the next level from Basics I with foundational strengthening exercises integral to Ballet Body training.

  • Abs: At the Wall I

    Use the wall in this segment to help you get more control over drawing the naval to spine while offering a easier way to perform challenging mat exercises that are effective in tightening the abdominal wall. This segment helps you connect your focus to the core with the assistance of the wall and...

  • Fast Slow Upper Body Mat I

    This workout targets the upper body and core on the mat by using intense muscle control to perform varying fast and slow movement sequences while performing planks, downward facing dog variations, pushups, and dips.