March 2019

March 2019

5 Episodes

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March 2019
  • Iron Barre Yoga Flow I

    Episode 1

    This yoga inspired workout flows through strengthening sequences to improve balance, mobility, strength, and flexibility. Equipment required: yoga mat and dumbbells.

  • Band-Resisted Mat Work

    Episode 2

    This upper body and core workout uses a loop and flat resistance band to create extra resistance through bodyweight exercises on the mat.

  • Barre with Resistance band: Lower Body I

    Episode 3

    This lower body workout Is performed at the barre using a loop band for resistance. Exercises will mainly target the quadriceps and glutes/hips. Equipment needed: loop resistance band (2 types of resistance levels), barre, and foam mat.

  • Iron Barre: Total Body VI

    Episode 4

    This total body workout leads you through three sets of two sequences with multiple exercises alternating between lower and upper body with core stabilization. Equipment Needed: moderate/heavy dumbbell, yoga mat, and barre.

  • Iron Barre Glutes IV

    Episode 5

    This glute focused workout starts at the barre and moves through five sequences for three full sets. This is a great addition to a lower body workout day or as an additional glute workout to help firm and shape the booty. Equipment Needed: bench, barre, heavy dumbbell/weight, mat, and mini band.