July Workouts

July Workouts

5 Episodes

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July Workouts
  • Upper Body: Tricep 1

    Episode 1

    This workout targets the triceps with alternating body weight exercises on the mat and isolated movements that will challenge the triceps with barely any weight at all.

  • Iron Barre Upper Body II

    Episode 2

    Explore some more advanced mat work with alternating upper body strength exercises in this workout targeting back, shoulders, and core. Modifications are offered for the mat exercises, so all levels welcome!

  • Iron Barre Glutes I

    Episode 3

    Perform classic glute building exercises including weighted shoulder elevated hip thrusts, Bulgarian split squats, and exercises at the barre to hit the glute muscles in multiple planes of movement.

  • Iron Barre: Total Body I

    Episode 4

    Challenge the upper and lower body with combined weighted exercises at the barre. Iron Barre Select Lower Body Rx approved.

  • Iron Barre: Matwork + Weights I

    Episode 5

    Alternate between weighted exercises and body weight mat exercises to work the upper body. This video demonstrates one full set for this workout. Repeat 2-3x to get a complete workout.