July 2019

July 2019

4 Episodes

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July 2019
  • Mat Work: Yoga Block

    Episode 1

    This mat workout utilizes yoga blocks to perform movements through exploring a greater range of motion and assisting in exercises to challenge the upper body and core muscles. Equipment needed: yoga mat and two foam blocks (you can perform workout without blocks).

  • Barre: Lower Body III

    Episode 2

    This upbeat lower body barre workout offers sequences choreographed to music with dance inspired movements and barre resistance exercises to target the lower body.

  • Mat Work: Glutes, Hamstrings, and Core

    Episode 3

    This mat workout incorporates the use of a resistance band, foam block, and sliding disc with exercises designed to train the core, hamstrings, and glutes with graceful movements inspired by pilates and dance.

  • Iron Barre: Total Body VII

    Episode 4

    This workout offers exercises on the mat, at the barre, and weighted exercises to work the total body. Equipment Needed: yoga mat, heavy and light dumbbells, barre, weight plates or 2 inch platform for heel raised goblet squats.