Watch this video and more on Leah Sarago Fitness

Watch this video and more on Leah Sarago Fitness

Upper Body: Tricep 1

8m 29s

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  • Side Plank I

    This segment targets the obliques, core, lats (sides of back), and shoulders while challenging your strength and balance in variations of side planks. Learn to build upon modifications to perform full leg extensions while working from modified forearm to extended arm side plank holds and movements.

  • Abs: At the Wall II

    All variations are performed in parallel with intervals of rotational movements to work the entire core. Abs: At the wall II differs from Abs: At the Wall I by facing away from the wall and using the wall to support the back versus the feet in Abs: At the Wall I.

  • Cardio Arms II

    The combination of cardio movements with upper body weighted exercises will burn more calories in less time while sculpting the upper body in this segment. Warm-Up I can be performed first with this segment to learn movement sequences while elevating the heart rate. This workout also offers low-i...