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Basic Series II: Plié and Parallel Thighs

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Basic Series II: Fold Over


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  • Basic Series II: Plié and Parallel Th...

    The Basics II series offers progression to the next level from Basics I with foundational strengthening exercises integral to Ballet Body training.

  • Back of the Leg I

    Work the back of the legs with exercises that properly sculpt the hamstrings with alternating (lengthening) eccentric and (shortening) concentric contractions at the barre. This segment also utilizes the stretch-reflex in the flat back lunge position to activate the hamstrings while ballet-inspir...

  • Bridge Sequence I

    Lay down on the mat to isolate the hamstrings and glutes with flexed, neutral, and relevé foot positions and leg lift sequences in bridge position.This segment perfectly compliments standing lower body workouts.