November 2018

November 2018

4 Episodes

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November 2018
  • Body Weight Total Body I

    Episode 1

    This total body workout uses dynamic movement while challenging your strength with body weight exercises. The focus is to engage the total body to perform movement sequences. Equipment Needed: Yoga mat

  • Essentials: Upper Body I

    Episode 2

    This circuit style workout provides superset sequences with essential strength training exercises including rows, pushups, curls, presses, and dips. Make sure to complete all sets for each sequence depending on fitness goal/level. Leah demonstrates one set for each sequence. Equipment Needed: be...

  • Strengthen and Stretch: Core I

    Episode 3

    This segment incorporates core strengthening exercises and stretching to activate a stronger core while improving flexibility. This is a wonderful finishing segment to any workout.

  • Iron Barre: Back of the Legs I

    Episode 4

    This workout targets back of the leg including the glutes, hamstrings, and calves with body weight and weighted exercises at the barre. Equipment Needed: barre, heavy weight, and chair seat or bench.