Iron Barre Select: Lower Body

Iron Barre Select: Lower Body

12 Seasons

This program strategically aligns Ballet Body® and Iron Barre® exercises to accommodate troublesome areas including overdeveloped muscle groups, body- fat dense areas, and hypertrophic responses (ability to build muscle). This fine-tuned solution helps to balance the overall physique aesthetics with exercise selected for your body type whether your goal is to slim and sculpt your lower body or upper body. The Lower Body Rx Select training program includes total-body workouts tailored to strengthen, sculpt, and slim the thighs, while building metabolism-boosting, lean muscle mass in the upper body. This program is NOT advocating spot reduction but intelligently training the body to balance the look of the overall physique without exacerbating troublesome areas. Watch the Iron Barre Select Video for more info!

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Iron Barre Select: Lower Body
  • Total Body Circuit I

    Episode 1

    This is a continuous workout to keep your heart rate up while strengthening and sculpting your muscles. This circuit moves from one exercise to the next alternating between upper body and lower body exercises. This workout will lead you through the first circuit set. Equipment Needed: barbell/s...

  • Bodyweight Total Body II-Inner Thigh Focus

    Episode 2

    This workout incorporates all the muscle groups with an emphasis on working the inner thigh muscles. This segment utilizes body weight resistance plus two band resisted exercises at the barre. This workout demonstrates one full set. Equipment Needed: gliding discs, yoga mat, bench, and resistan...