Iron Barre Body Design Blueprint: Express

Iron Barre Body Design Blueprint: Express

15 Seasons

This is a 15 week workout plan for beginners or anyone with very limited time for exercise. Each workout is only 35 minutes or less. This 3 day a week workout plan includes the latest Iron Barre workouts. Make sure to follow the guide that is available on Week 1-3: Day 1.

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Iron Barre Body Design Blueprint: Express
  • Essentials: Upper Body I

    Episode 1

    This circuit style workout provides superset sequences with essential strength training exercises including rows, pushups, curls, presses, and dips. Make sure to complete all sets for each sequence depending on fitness goal/level. Leah demonstrates one set for each sequence. Equipment Needed: be...

  • Iron Barre: Lower Body + Core I

    Episode 2

    This workout combines weighted lower body exercises plus intervals of core and bodyweight movements at the barre to help sculpt and strengthen the lower body and core.