Iron Barre Body Design Blueprint: Elite

Iron Barre Body Design Blueprint: Elite

18 Seasons

This 18 week guide includes a 3 day a week workout plan with every workout under 1 hour. You can still incorporate the the new weekly workout with this more challenging plan, which utilizes the latest Iron Barre Workouts. Make sure to follow the instructions in this guide to go along with the workouts provided in the blueprint. The guide is included on Week 1-3: Day 1.

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Iron Barre Body Design Blueprint: Elite
  • Iron Barre: Lower Body III

    Episode 1

    This workout explores performing exercises in a greater range of motion utilizing weights and steps before moving into barre and mat exercises.

  • Pull Up Strong Series I: Pull Up Bar

    Episode 2

    This workout consists of three exercises to strengthen your grip and upper body to help facilitate the ultimate upper body exercise- the pull up. You will need a pull up bar for this workout and set up for an inverted row either using a squat rack or lowering a doorway pull up bar.

  • Core with Upper Body Integration

    Episode 3

    This workout integrates upper body and postural activation with core work using a a broomstick or similar apparatus.