February 2019

February 2019

4 Episodes

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February 2019
  • Iron Barre: Rock the Hips

    Episode 1

    This workout involves lateral movement with the hips while training with resistance including barbell weighted plies, dumbbell lunges, and weighted parallel plies. Equipment Needed: barbell (or sub dumbbells), dumbbells, and a barre.

  • Core Work on the Mat I

    Episode 2

    This workout starts out with RKC plank and moves into flow of exercises on the mat to train the core musculature with pilates and dance inspired moves while bracing the core.

  • Eccentric Accentuated Total Body I

    Episode 3

    This workout emphasizes the eccentric muscle contraction with exercises that slowly through this muscle lengthening contraction phase. This will cause greater micro trauma within the muscle which will kickstart the muscle rebuilding process. This in turn with increase metabolism, strength gains,...

  • Iron Barre Upper Body V

    Episode 4

    Barbells on the mat! This workout fluidly moves from one exercise to the next on the mat working the upper body muscles. Three sets are demonstrated for this workout. Equipment needed: barbell + weights, yoga mat, and tennis size ball.