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Watch this video and more on Leah Sarago Fitness

Watch this video and more on Leah Sarago Fitness

Développé Inspired Series II: Upper/Core/Lower


Up Next in Level I

  • Weights at the Barre I

    Combine weighted arm work at the barre to sculpt the upper body while performing lower body barre exercises at the same time. This workout is a great way to fit in exercise on a busy day.

  • Abs: Bend Release Stretch

    This workout perfectly combines core and flexibility work to activate the abdominal muscles while lengthening the hamstrings. Increase your mind-muscle connection by focusing on increasing the contraction of the abdominals to achieve greater length in the back of the legs.

  • Glissade Inspired Series I: Lower Body

    Glide your way to elongated, sculpted thighs. This segment does not teach a true ballet glissade, so no ballet experience required! This workout offers gliding movements in plié, parallel, and fold-over positions.