January 2019

January 2019

4 Episodes

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January 2019
  • Bodyweight Total Body II-Inner Thigh Focus

    Episode 1

    This workout incorporates all the muscle groups with an emphasis on working the inner thigh muscles. This segment utilizes body weight resistance plus two band resisted exercises at the barre. This workout demonstrates one full set. Equipment Needed: gliding discs, yoga mat, bench, and resistan...

  • Barre-Assisted Core I

    Episode 2

    This deep muscle-bracing core workout uses the assistance of the barre to perform exercises on the bench.

  • Iron Barre: Lower Body IV

    Episode 3

    This is a classic Iron Barre workout where we use the barre for body weight exercises and then combine the same movements with weights to sculpt and strengthen the lower body. This workout demonstrates one full sequence which may be repeated.

  • Iron Barre: Step Series I

    Episode 4

    Work your lower body with incorporated therapeutic exercises on the step plus movements that will challenge your lunges and plies with a greater range of motion. This segment presents one set of each sequence.