Iron Barre Body Design Blueprint: Express

Iron Barre Body Design Blueprint: Express

15 Seasons

This is a 15 week workout plan for beginners or anyone with very limited time for exercise. Each workout is only 35 minutes or less. This 3 day a week workout plan includes the latest Iron Barre workouts. Make sure to follow the guide that is available on Week 1-3: Day 1.

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Iron Barre Body Design Blueprint: Express
  • Iron Barre: Upper Body 1

    Episode 1

    Perform intervals of upper body body weight exercises, weights, and resistance band movements to strengthen the upper body.

  • Iron Barre: Lower Body I

    Episode 2

    Work the lower body with weights at the barre and traditional strength exercises to help sculpt the lower body. You can use a barbell with plates (recommended) or use dumbbells/kettlebells to add resistance.

  • Iron Barre: Core 1

    Episode 3

    Strengthen the core muscles incorporating resistance of a weight plate/dumbbell. The workout begins with bodyweight exercises to tighten the core like a corset then finish with exercises laying on your back utilizing extra resistance. Crunch-free workout.