April 2019

April 2019

4 Episodes

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April 2019
  • Upper Body Circuit I

    Episode 1

    This express circuit moves non-stop from one exercise to the next to train the upper body. Complete three sets with one minute rest after completing all five exercises. Equipment Needed: Cable pull down or resistance band set up for single arm lat pull down, bench and heavy dumbbells, resistance...

  • Iron Barre: High Low Barre I

    Episode 2

    This glute and core focused workout uses the extra resistance of ankle weights and a resistance band to train the lower body. This segment alternates between high and low levels working at the barre and on the mat.

  • Total Body Circuit I

    Episode 3

    This is a continuous workout to keep your heart rate up while strengthening and sculpting your muscles. This circuit moves from one exercise to the next alternating between upper body and lower body exercises. This workout will lead you through the first circuit set. Equipment Needed: barbell/s...

  • Barre-Assisted Lower Body

    Episode 4

    This bodyweight workout at the barre uses a stretching strap to challenge stability and balance while training the lower body with single leg exercises and intervals of anterior and posterior leg lifts.. Equipment needed: stretching strap/rope and barre.