Iron Barre Select

Iron Barre Select

5 Episodes

This program strategically aligns Ballet Body® and Iron Barre® exercises to accommodate troublesome areas including overdeveloped muscle groups, body- fat dense areas, and hypertrophic responses (ability to build muscle). This fine-tuned solution balances the overall physique. Select programs which are lower body centric or upper body centric. RELEASE: LATE SUMMER 2019​

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Iron Barre Select
  • Iron Barre Select U1

    Episode 1

    This total body circuit uses heavier resistance for the upper body with bodyweight, muscle lengthening exercises for the lower body. Equipment needed: pull up assistance type resistance band, heavier set of dumbbells, bench, and barre.

  • Iron Barre Select L1

    Episode 2

    This total body workout focuses on training the lower body with heavier resistance, while training the upper body with body weight resistance only. Equipment Needed: bench, heavy dumbbells, and resistance band.

  • Iron Barre Select L2

    Episode 3

    This total body workout demonstrates one set of each exercise in this workout. Follow this workout to train the upper body on the mat using body weight resistance only and alternating with lower body weighted exercises.

  • Iron Barre Select U2

    Episode 4

    This workout emphasizes weight training for upper body combined with lower body barre exercises.

  • Iron Barre Select L3

    Episode 5

    This workout includes heavier resistance exercises for the lower body and lighter weights and body weight resistance for your upper body plus core exercises for a complete total body workout. Equipment needed: barbell and plates (or sub dumbbells), kettlebell/dumbbell (mod-heavy), light hand weig...